Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Cereal Geek.

This morning has been brightened by (among other things) a large package arriving on my doorstep. The contents of which was issue four of Cereal Geek.

If you've not read Cereal Geek before and are like me, a child of the eighties, it's definitely worth the pick up. Not only does this issue feature articles on The Real Ghostbusters, He-Man, Transformers and many many more, it also features another pin up by yours truly and Jamie Roberts.

Copies of Cereal Geek can be ordered through their website http://www.cerealgeek.com and are a must for all eighties cartoon fans.

Fans of me ( yes, both of you ) might also be interesting in ordering issue three, as I was in there too ;)

Right, enough pimping for the day, I've got me some Nightmare World to draw.


1 comment:

Eva Curl Perkins said...

Why would I want to buy it silly pants, I'll just read yours!